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Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) Tier 3 Funding review published

  Created on Tuesday, 02 May 2017. Posted in Funding

In competition 26 RfPB introduced a high risk funding tiers (Tier 3), this report identifies what has been currently funded via tier 3. Tier 3 funds projects that are higher risk and further away from patient benefit, the report additionally looks at the pathways the studies take to achieve patient benefit.  

  • Tier 1 (up to £350k) for research that has a clear and close trajectory to patient benefit, such as a definitive trial.
  • Tier 2 (up to £250k) for research proposals which are feasibility studies.
  • Tier 3 (up to £150k) for research which is on a pathway to patient benefit yet further from it

To date 21 projects have been funded under tier 3 accounting for 22% of all RfPB funded projects.

The funded projects fall into the following research types:

  • 3 systematic reviews
  • 7 developing and refining interventions
  • 1 meta-analysis
  • 1 realist synthesis
  • 1 economic evaluation
  • 6 secondary data analysis (including developing predictive models and needs assessments)
  • 2 diagnostic accuracy studies

Covering four types of research topics and designs:

  1. Therapeutic – concerned with developing and evaluating interventions to improve patient benefit
  2. Diagnostic – concerned with ensuring patients are appropriately classified to receive the above intervention
  3. Needs assessment – concerned with assessing the needs (usually of interventions) in a particular patient population
  4. Evidence synthesis.

NIHR to launch a streamlined application process

  Created on Monday, 27 Mar 2017. Posted in Funding

The NIHR is launching a streamlined application process for researchers applying for funding. The streamlined, two-stage form will be rolled out across NIHR research and training programmes from May 2017

The revised standard application form will ask for information once, at the point it is required to make either shortlisting or funding decisions. Any information provided during Stage 1 of the process will be automatically available for Stage 2 to avoid repetition and facilitate completion of the application. Applicants will be provided with clear, concise guidance about how to use the forms, including resources provided by INVOLVE about how to set out public involvement plans and present a Plain English Summary.

Patient and Public Involvement Award EM AHSN

  Created on Monday, 13 Mar 2017. Posted in Priorities | Funding

EMAHSN have opened a third round of funding, following previous successful bursaries for up to a further ten East Midlands groups. Each successful group will receive £1,500. This is a vital contribution for many groups and will contribute towards meeting running costs. The funding will support their fantastic work to promote innovations and the adoption and spread of best practice within patient, carer and public involvement in healthcare delivery and health research across the East Midlands.

Groups can apply for funding up until the 5 May 2017. EMAHSN launched the fund because it recognises that many voluntary groups find it difficult even to cover basic costs such as travel and members’ out-of-pocket expenses. Many groups exist to make sure that experiences of patients and public are at the heart of future decisions about health services – something that is central to EMAHSN and that it wants to encourage and sustain.

Applications for the grants will be considered by the East Midlands PPI Senate, an independent expert group of patients and public with varied health service user experience. The senate supports health and social care organisations to embed patient engagement.

Full details and application for a bursary award

NIHR i4i Panel Newsletter February 2017

  Created on Thursday, 02 Mar 2017. Posted in Funding

The Invention for Innovation panel newsletter contains the following details:

  • A snapshot of the current i4i portfolio
  • The role of i4i in the UK medtech funding landscape
  • Dates of the latest Product Development Award (PDA) calls
  • Re-launch of the i4i Challenge Award with a mental health theme
  • i4i in the news
  • Highlights from the i4i secretariat
  • Changes to the i4i PDA panels

Integrated Clinical Academic Programme Clinical Lecturership and Senior Clinical Lectureship awards extended to include Professional Doctorate graduates!

  Created on Monday, 06 Feb 2017. Posted in Funding

The eligibility for the Integrated Clinical Academic Programme Clinical Lecturership and Senior Clinical Lectureship awards has been extended to include Professional Doctorate graduates, providing they can evidence the quality and proportionality of research education, training and experience gained within their Higher Education Institution (HEI) Eligibility criteria.

Applicants will need to gain support from their HEI to confirm that they do meet these criteria and should contact  before proceeding with an application, as each case will be reviewed on an individual basis.


NIHR Fellowship - 'Filling in the form' storify from RDSEM event

  Created on Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016. Posted in Funding

The NIHR Fellowship - Filling in the form workshop was delivered to provide insights into the application process, covering key elements required to write a successful fellowhip application. The storify contains live tweets from the day.

New interactive funding 'map' for biomedical researchers

  Created on Wednesday, 12 Oct 2016. Posted in Funding

The MRC collaborated with Alzheimer’s Research UK, Alzheimer’s Society, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, the NC3Rs, NIHR and Wellcome Trust to create the 'Funding View' - an interactive ‘map’ of the funding schemes available to biomedical researchers (including case studies). 

The aim of the resource is to help members of the research community view and compare different funding schemes across career stages.



Academy launches Springboard – Health of the Public 2040 grant scheme

  Created on Wednesday, 12 Oct 2016. Posted in Funding

Academy launches Springboard – Health of the Public 2040 grant scheme | Academy of Medical Sciences

Springboard – Health of the Public 2040 offers funding of up to £50,000 over two years and a bespoke package of career support to researchers at the start of their first independent post. Like the original Springboard scheme, these are grants for researchers in their first independent post, designed to help them in their transition to independence.


Academy launches Springboard – Health of the Public 2040 grant scheme | Academy of Medical Sciences

Medical research traditionally focuses to prevent, treat and cure disease from a biological perspective, and does not address, for example, the social, behavioural, political and cultural issues that contribute to health inequalities. The new grants are designed to address this gap in research.

Academy launches Springboard – Health of the Public 2040 grant scheme | Academy of Medical Sciences

The deadline for applications is on Monday 12 December 2016, 5pm



The NIHR aims to build capacity and the number of women in research with changes to its NIHR Research Professorship award

  Created on Thursday, 22 Sep 2016. Posted in Funding

The NIHR aims to build capacity and the number of women in research with changes to its NIHR Research Professorship award

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are invited to nominate up to two people for a Professorship; however, HEIs will no longer be able to put two men forward for the award. If they wish to nominate two people, one of them must be a woman.

The NIHR aims to build capacity and the number of women in research with changes to its NIHR Research Professorship award

The other amendment announced is the introduction of available funding for support posts. The NIHR Research Professorship has always provided one Post-Doctoral level support post for five years and for Round 7, this will continue, but with the addition of one Post-Doctoral level post for 3 years and one Doctoral level post for 3 years. The aim of this change is to build research capacity more widely and across different academic levels to accelerate the transfer of research ideas into improved health.

The changes of the NIHR Research Professorship award will take effect in Round 7 which closes 14 December



EME remit changes

  Created on Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016. Posted in Funding

Part of the Evidence and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme provides funding for translational research evaluating new or repurposed interventions that have the potential to promote health, treat disease and improve rehabilitation or long-term care. This arm of the programme has had a positive review and feedback from the research community, and as a result a joint MRC-NIHR vision has been developed to build on this success.  

There is a now a much greater emphasis on:

  • Novel methodologies and study designs reducing time and cost of evaluation.
  • The stratification of patients based on biological or genetic characteristics.
  • Use of information captured through digital technology shortening timescales or providing additional outputs.
  • Collaborations with other funders from both charity and industry sectors.
  • Integrated studies which could improve the understanding of disease and treatment mechanisms.
  • Broadening the range of interventions being evaluated, including diagnostic or prognostic tests and decision-making tools, drugs or biological compounds, psychological treatments, medical devices, and public health initiatives delivered within the NHS.

Updated full remit