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Developing national standards for public involvement in research

  Created on Monday, 13 Mar 2017. Posted in Public Involvement

How do you assess the quality of public involvement in your research? How does a research organisation know if it is doing good, bad or indifferent public involvement? These are questions at the top of the agenda for a partnership between the NIHR and Health and Care Research Wales working with the Chief Scientist Office in Scotland and the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland. The collaboration is looking to develop a set of national, self-assessment standards for public involvement in research for England and Wales. Having a set of core standards can help everyone to improve the quality and consistency of public involvement in research by working towards, delivering or exceeding current good practice. 

Over the summer, the team plan to involve potential users of the standards – members of the public, researchers, public involvement leads, research managers, funders and others – in reviewing and improving a set of draft standards and indicators.If you're interested in getting involved, visit the project website for more information.  

Going the Extra Mile: public involvement workshop report

  Created on Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017. Posted in Public Involvement

In December 2016, the Central Commissioning Facility hosted a workshop that began to explore this in relation to the NIHR's 10 year vision and ambitions for public involvement, as set out in Going the Extra Mile.

The workshop report:

  • Outlines the focus of the day

  • highlights some of the issues raised in discussion

  • provides links to access all the slide sets and reports from the day.


Guidance for Embedding Patient and Public Involvement Champions within Applied Health Research Programmes

  Created on Monday, 20 Feb 2017. Posted in Public Involvement

This Guidance has been written by CLAHRC Wessex for:

  • researchers looking for a blueprint to support the embedding of patient and public involvement within their applied health research and implementation programmes
  • experienced patient and public contributors wishing to assume a more strategic role within programmes of applied health research
  • health research and implementation organisations (including managers and patient and public involvement leads) seeking to enhance their work with a sustainable model of public involvement

Co-production: Old wine in new bottles or vintage public involvement?

  Created on Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017. Posted in Public Involvement

Co-production is a concept which has been used to describe a partnership between public and service providers as they jointly design and/or improve health and social care services.

This article (exert from Involve newsletter) reports on the outcomes from a round table event, attended by public and NIHR staff to explore various views, thoughts and opinions on the question of ‘what is co-production in research?’

Health research has two sides and one of them is you

  Created on Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017. Posted in Public Involvement


The NIHR has launched a new #twosides campaign urging patients and the public to get actively involved in health and social care research which affects the lives of millions of people. 

Featuring an iconic split face image, the #twosides campaign highlights ways for people who aren’t medical or academic professionals to make their voices heard. Links are offered to opportunities to share patient and carer experiences and ideas for making a difference to the health and wellbeing of families, friends, colleagues and communities.

  • Suggest a research question
  • Influence decision making
  • Join a study team
  • Become a study participant

Improving how patients and the public can help develop NICE guidance and standards

  Created on Thursday, 05 Jan 2017. Posted in Public Involvement

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has launched a set of new proposals to improve the way we involve lay people in developing our guidance and standards. The draft proposals are now available and they are asking what people think of the proposed new principles and ways of working before they are finalised.

The consultation is open for comments and will run until 28 February 2017.


New patient and public area on Health Research Authority (HRA) website

  Created on Monday, 12 Dec 2016. Posted in Public Involvement

The HRA has launched new patient and public pages on its website.  The pages will be of interest to patients, service users, carers and members of the public who will find information on the research regulated and approved by the HRA, public involvement in research and how to become involved with the HRA’s work. The new pages have been created by the HRA and 6 Public Contributors who helped write the content, design the layout and feature in the videos made with them. 

Patient Led Research Hub – a New Initiative to Foster Patient Led Research

  Created on Monday, 21 Nov 2016. Posted in Public Involvement

Patients can bring crucial insight into research priorities for disease and lifestyle needs. A new initiative launched by the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit in May 2015 ensures patients are involved from the outset. The Patient Led Research Hub (PLRH) provides the expertise and infrastructure to support research projects emerging directly from, and proposed by, patients or patient organisations, improving research relevance and credibility.

The activities of the PLRH are supported by trialists, statisticians, a health economist and administrative staff. As research ideas are received, an initial feasibility assessment is conducted within the PLRH. Proposers are invited to discuss their idea in person and, where feasible, a management group including the proposers initiate study design and external funding applications. The PLRH is largely focused on clinical trials, although all projects are considered.

PLRH welcomes all queries and research ideas

Working Together: a toolkit for health professionals on how to involve the public

  Created on Thursday, 27 Oct 2016. Posted in Public Involvement

Easy-to-use toolkit for health professionals on how to involve the public. It has been written with the busy, front line clinician in mind, but will be useful as a beginner’s guide to understanding public involvement in the health sector.

Patient Experience Library

  Created on Tuesday, 27 Sep 2016. Posted in Public Involvement

The Patient Experience Library is where you can find the whole of the UK literature on patient experience, all in one go.

The library holds over 30,000 documents including:

  • Patient experience reports from health and care charities and think tanks
  • Guidance on matters such as patient-centred commissioning
  • CQC inspection reports and patient survey results
  • All the reports from the local Healthwatch network
  • Quality Accounts from health service providers
  • Valuable archive materials from bodies such as LINk and the NHS Institute

Access to the full library costs £25 per month, but if you're not a subscriber, you can still visit the "Recently added" feature on our home page for full access to all the UK's patient experience reports published in the last week.