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Changes/updates to the SAF, with some specific changes relating to PPI

  Created on Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020. Posted in Public Involvement | Funding

Stage 1

  • Inclusion of public co-applicants, where appropriate, with a clear description of their role and the reasons why a public co-applicant is joining the team
  • PPI Lead - There should be a named person with appropriate skills and experience who is responsible for leading the PPI element within the project. This role should be an adequately costed and resourced research team member who is able to manage the PPI plans and related activities.
  • Justification of health/care need - Identify how will the public/patients see this as a need and as a potential improvement to their health and/or lives? 
  • Project Plan (Patient and Public Involvement):

o   show your plans for involving patients/service user, carers and the public at each appropriate stage of the research project lifecycle

o   outline how PPI has informed the development of the project so far, including how it has specifically shaped the research question and study design 

  • Dissemination plans: include details of how you will share with study participants the progress and findings of the study (PPI could inform this)

Stage 2

As stage 1, but also:

  • PPI Section:
  1. NEW PPI approach, management and support section to include:
  • why your approach to patient and public involvement is appropriate, including who will be involved and why
  • how you plan to manage and coordinate the patient and public involvement activities
  • how you will support and enable patients/service users, carers, the public and members of relevant communities to contribute to your research (e.g. access, payments, training).
  • outline plans for the capturing, evaluating and reporting the impact of patient and public involvement activities
  1. NEW Summary of PPI activities, including
  • a summary of the proposed PPI activities embedded throughout the research project lifecycle
  • clearly signpost to other sections of the Detailed Research Plan where the PPI is described further in relation to the relevant project stage
  • Costings - If voluntary, charity or community groups are supporting the research via activities such as facilitating contact with potential participants, hosting research activities or providing advice, an adequate budget must be included to compensate for their time and resources.