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Designing health research: a role for librarians and information specialists in developing grant applications and reducing waste in research

  Created on Monday, 12 Jun 2017. Posted in Literature

Librarians and information specialists' involvement during the development of grant applications for external funding can save researchers' time, provide specialist support and contribute to reducing avoidable waste in research. This article presents a survey of information specialists working for the National Institute for Health Research Research Design Service within English applied health services research, and a scoping review to identify other examples of librarians supporting grant applications. The survey found that support included: checking the proposed research has not already been done; literature searching to provide background for the project; advising on or writing systematic review methods. The scoping review found three examples where librarians were involved: in writing sections of the application; conducting reviews and becoming a co-applicant. We recommend librarians engage with researchers by checking whether search requests are to support an application and by becoming familiar with resources and techniques to support grant proposal development.