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Developing national standards for public involvement in research

  Created on Monday, 13 Mar 2017. Posted in Public Involvement

How do you assess the quality of public involvement in your research? How does a research organisation know if it is doing good, bad or indifferent public involvement? These are questions at the top of the agenda for a partnership between the NIHR and Health and Care Research Wales working with the Chief Scientist Office in Scotland and the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland. The collaboration is looking to develop a set of national, self-assessment standards for public involvement in research for England and Wales. Having a set of core standards can help everyone to improve the quality and consistency of public involvement in research by working towards, delivering or exceeding current good practice. 

Over the summer, the team plan to involve potential users of the standards – members of the public, researchers, public involvement leads, research managers, funders and others – in reviewing and improving a set of draft standards and indicators.If you're interested in getting involved, visit the project website for more information.