Research Design Service: East Midlands

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME)

Aim: To support clinical efficacy studies where proof of concept in humans has been achieved (EME is earlier in the development pathway than HTA).

Funding: No fixed limits on duration or funding.

Process: Two-stage process. It is vital that feedback given at the first stage is addressed as this can change the application quite considerably. The process takes 8 months. About 20% of bids go through to the second stage and, of those, about 50% are funded.

Criteria: Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • expectation of substantial health gain
  • benefits to patients in the medium to longer term
  • potential to make significant breakthoughs in scientific and/or technological understanding
  • value for money
  • feasibility of the project
  • ability for the resarch to commence within 9 months of a funding decision.

Website: EME
Deadlines: Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation 3 researcher-led and 3 commissioned calls per year (April, August, November)