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Fellowship round 10 - post-doctoral level

  Tuesday, 20 Dec 2016

NIHR Fellowships are designed to support researchers whose work focuses on people and patient-based clinical and applied health research. For round 10, amendments have been made to the programme to build capacity for clinical trials.

The NIHR Transitional Research Fellowship, which is commonly used to transition from basic research to an area of applied health or clinical research, can now also be used to embark upon a career in clinical trials, providing an intense period of clinical trials training for those new or relatively new to trials.

The NIHR has also launched a new and improved version of its Clinical Trials Guide for Trainees. The guide includes case studies from trainees active in clinical trials and research staff based at Clinical Trials Units, as well as additional guidance on how to structure a Fellowship based around a clinical trial and/or clinical trials training, and how to utilise NIHR Fellowships to start or further a career in clinical trials

The post-doctoral level is open for applications until 20 December 2016 and the doctoral level is open until 17 January 2017.

Phone: 0113 346 6260
Website: Fellowship Post-doc