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How to increase the value and reduce the waste of research

  Created on Thursday, 20 Feb 2014. Posted in News Items

The Lancet recently presented a series of five papers about research. These papers set out some of the most pressing issues, recommend how to increase value and reduce waste in biomedical research, and propose metrics for stakeholders to monitor the implementation of these recommendations.

The first paper in the series, "How to increase the value and reduce waste when research priorities are set" (Iain Chalmers et al), is of particular interest as it discusses how decisions about which research to fund should be based on issues relevant to users of research.

The other papers also raise interesting points about the following topics:

  • John Ioannidis et al consider improvements in the appropriateness of research design, methods, and analysis.
  • Rustam Al-Shahi Salman et al look at issues of efficient research regulation and management.
  • An-Wen Chan et al examine the role of fully accessible research information.
  • Paul Glasziou et al discuss the importance of unbiased and usable research reports.