RDS East Midlands can help provide:

    • Advice on potential funders
    • Advice on research ideas and approaches
    • Current research checks
    • Access to specialist methodologists to discuss design choices
    • Review and formative feedback on draft funding applications
    • Interview preparation for fellowships and other personal awards
    • Seminar and workshops to promote NIHR funding opportunities
    • Advice on public involvement in research
    • Funding towards the costs of public involvement in research development

Applications take on average 9 months to prepare, so contact us early to make the most of our support        

Fellowships are highly competitive personal awards and funding success depends on 6 areas: Person, Project, Place, Public involvement, Training, and Supervision. Our advice will cover at all of these areas and help you demonstrate your commitment and potential to be a research leader. 

To access our service book yourself a session to: