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HTA Efficient Designs webinar and funding call

  Created on Thursday, 30 Jul 2015. Posted in Funding

HTA call “Funding for Primary Research Using Efficient Study Designs to Evaluate Clinical and Public Health Interventions for the NHS”

The expectation is for simpler, cheaper, faster, more efficient studies rather than complex (e.g. adaptive) designs!

  • studies with fewer elements/simpler designs.
  • studies that can start quickly (e.g. because there is an existing cohort).
  • studies using databases/routine data where the data is of sufficient quality.
  • non-randomised designs where appropriate.
  • secondary data analysis/meta-analysis.
  • there may be “bolt-on” methodological elements, but these will be funded by MRC rather than HTA (i.e. the focus of the call is not new/complex methodology) .

For further information watch the webinar.

Deadline for expressions of interest: 18 Novemeber.