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HTA Expression of Interest webinar

  Created on Monday, 01 Dec 2014. Posted in Funding

'Expression of Interest' (EoL) form will replace the outline proposal for a 12-month pilot period.

  • There are 17,000 characters in the new form.
  • Proposals will be prioritised by their importance to the NHS, then presented to the funding board.
  • There will be a 9-week turnaround between accepted EoL and full proposal submission (the applicant has the option to defer to the next round if necessary).
  • There is a new field to describe the rationale for the research:
    • What problem is being addressed?
    • Why is it important?
    • How it meets specification of the brief?
    • How does existing literature support the proposal?
  • The form requires less information about estimated costs, public involvement, co-applicants and CTU participation (letter of support is not required).
  • HTA will scrutinised all full application costs and any variance from the Eol (costs need to be fully justified, variance explained and value for money demonstrated).
  • Despite a smaller section in Eol for public involvement, it is very important that the outcomes of the study are those that matter most to patients!
  • Researchers will get similar levels of feedback as they do currently with the outline application.
  • Uploads such as flowcharts are still needed!
  • Information from the EoL will not be copied to the full application - copy and paste will be needed.

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