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i4i Challenge - real-world implementation

  Created on Thursday, 04 Apr 2019. Posted in Funding

Every year innovators in England develop countless promising medical technologies, many of which are funded by the NIHR. But too many don’t make it all the way into the NHS and across the finish line of patient benefit.

In order to be of interest to the NHS, a product must address an existing clinical problem. It should be measured against the right comparators, and demonstrate either better patient outcomes, or cost savings, or both. In addition, its implementation needs to be sustainable; furthermore, there is a need to identify the clinical pathway that will be disrupted with its use, and the consequences of that disruption.

These questions are particularly difficult for SMEs to answer, as this requires novel trial approaches and a multidisciplinary effort, involving not only technology developers, but also clinicians, methodologists, health economists, implementation scientists, amongst others. These interventions can be expensive, and financial and time constraints sometimes limit their scope.

To help overcome this hurdle i4i is dedictaing its i4i Challenge Awards to real world implementation of mearket ready medtechinnovations.