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Important update: NIHR to support high quality research into 'medical education'

  Created on Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015. Posted in Funding

Following discussions the NIHR have agreed to update the wording of their remit around medical education research as follows:

‘The NIHR is also prepared to support high quality research into 'medical education' (defined broadly as education for healthcare providers). Whilst this area of research need not fulfil the criterion of having 'potential for benefiting patients and the public within 5 years of its completion', it is expected that the research will have the potential to have practical application.’

Medical education research aims to understand and improve the working of the clinical team in the changing context of healthcare.

This is an important change to the NIHR remit which will impact people applying for training awards from now on.

For more information on medical education research opportunities please contact Helen Harris-Joseph at