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Introducing new public health research principles and goals to guide funding decisions

  Created on Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019. Posted in Public Health

The purpose of the principles and goals is to increase the impact of the UK’s offer on health of the public research, so we are better able to tackle the public health challenges we face, now and in the future.

identified priorities which, in our view, are the best ways to encourage new ways of working in the field of health of the public research and which are focused on intervention. Goals are grouped across four themes: (1) The environment, (2) Life course, (3) Systems and (4) Innovation


  • Create and maintain built and natural environments for better health
  • A place-based approach to reduce health inequalities
  • Set children and young people on the right path for good health
  • Respond to changes in how we work and what it means for health
  • Reshape food systems to improve health
  • Understand the role of the health and social care system in prevention
  • Better use of legal and fiscal levers to improve population health
  • Deploy new technologies for health protection and health improvement