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James Lind Alliance recruiting advisers

  Created on Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018. Posted in Priorities

The James Lind Alliance would like to recruit advisers to join the team. JLA are looking for independent consultants who will contract with the University of Southampton to support and facilitate Priority Stetting Partnerships. 

A solid background in facilitation, project management and chairing is essential, with excellent communication skills and an understanding of the health research landscape. You’ll need to demonstrate a commitment to, and understanding of, the principles of the JLA. Of course, you will need to be passionate about bringing patients, carers and clinicians together to jointly agree on the questions that are most important to the future of health research.

If you are interested one of the senior advisers, Katherine Cowan, has described a typical week for a JLA adviser. Read more at JLA website.

Applications go live from 9 January