Research Design Service: East Midlands
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National CLAHRC impact brochure

  Created on Monday, 26 Oct 2015. Posted in Impact | Literature

The National CLAHRC impact brochure features case studies with details successful examples of CLAHRC work and the impact it has had. 

CLAHRCS have high impact in terms of implementation of research findings to save lives, add value and promote partnerships with industry.

CLAHRC East Midlands case studies include:

  • The Leicester Self Assessment and Walking Away from Diabetes - identifying those at-risk from type 2 diabetes, and helping to prevent its onset (pp 5-9)
  • IMPAKT - a software tool for GPs that identifies patients at risk from early onset Chronic Kidney Disease and provides resources for their management (pp 14-15)
  • Emergency Care and Acute Illness - reducing hospital admissions (pp 18-19)
  • Individual Placement and Support - helping people with long term mental health issues back into work (pp 36-37)