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National Elf Service

  Created on Monday, 11 Jul 2016. Posted in Toolkit/Database

The National Elf Service is a social network service aimed at health and social care professionals. Packed full of important and reliable research and guidance, the National Elf Service will help you keep up to date with the latest health and social care research, connect you to experts and colleagues in your field of interest, track your learning and contribute to your professional development.

  • The website is gamified – everything you do is linked to your personal profile and points. The idea being that people are incentivised to read more research, discuss research and develop evidence based health care skills on the website.  You can then download a CPD certificate for your own personal CPD file.
  • Email alerts help you to keep up to date with the evidence that interests you – you can choose the categories that you are interested in to create your own alerts.
  • Track your own learning in personal ‘Elf Notes’ – these allow you to make your own personal reflective practice notes when you learn something new on the site.
  • Connect with colleagues and experts on the site – use discussion groups and message boards to share information and take part in interactive video webinars.

Please note that some areas of interest are more active than others, with mental health, social care and dentistry the most up to date.

Cost: free trial for 2 weeks then subscription of £10 per month