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New guidance on video-based research in healthcare

  Created on Monday, 06 Jun 2016. Posted in Toolkit/Database

Guidance on acceptability and design of video-based research on healthcare communication. The publication is intended for researchers designing video-based studies, and people who undertake ethical scrutiny.

36 publications were included in the review and synthesis (7 regulatory documents, 7 empirical, 4 reviews/commentaries, 18 guidance/recommendations). In the context of research aiming in some way to improve healthcare communication:

  • Most people regard video-based research as acceptable and worthwhile, whilst also carrying risks.
  • Concerns that recording could be detrimental to healthcare delivery are not confirmed by existing evidence.
  • Numerous procedures to enhance acceptability and feasibility have been documented, and our recommendations collate these.

The recommendations are designed to support deliberations and decisions about individual studies and to support ethical scrutiny of proposed research studies. Whilst preliminary, it is nevertheless the most comprehensive and detailed currently available.