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New INVOLVE contract awarded to the University of Southampton

  Created on Monday, 17 Aug 2015. Posted in News Items

The University of Southampton has been awarded a four year contract worth £3.2 million to deliver the NIHR’s Centre for Patient and Public Involvement, Participation and Engagement, taking account of the Going the Extra Mile report.

To date, INVOLVE has delivered knowledge, guidance and support that is highly respected and of immense value to the public and researchers alike. It has established an international reputation for excellence and leadership in public involvement in research. 

Based in the Wessex Institute at the University of Southampton the new contract will start on 1 February 2016. INVOLVE will build on its strong foundations of providing support and expertise whilst evolving the way it delivers it services. Through a new partnership with the NIHR Research Design Service, INVOLVE will provide leadership in public involvement in research at national, local and regional levels.