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New pre-doctoral clinical fellowships

  Created on Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018. Posted in Funding

This award is being based on the in-practice fellowships which have been available for GPs for a long time. Below are a few pointers from TCC about the awards.

What will a good applicant look like?

  • The experience of candidates applying for this award is likely to vary but will broadly fall into three groups:
    • Some will need to undertake an entire formal Master’s degree
    • Some will need a little formal training (e.g. modules)
    • Some may wish to do short courses but will mainly need time to work up a PhD proposal
  • The key thing is that these applicants will need to demonstrate that what they are doing will make them competitive for an NIHR fellowship in the future

What will the application process involve?

  • This is a one stage process – there will be no interview
  • The applicant will need references from people that know them in a research capacity (as they won’t have much experience ‘on paper’). This is completely different from other NIHR schemes.
  • The forms will need sign off from a university head of department & sign off from the clinical employers to demonstrate they will support them at 0.5 FTE (or equivalent)
  • The bulk of the form will be about training and development (personalised to make them competitive). I.e. there will probably be no research plan as NIHR will not cover research costs (although some though of future research would be good idea).
  • The applicant will need to have an academic supervisor and a clinical academic mentor

To find out more about these pre-doctoral clinical fellowships watch the webnar and consult the NIHR website