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NIHR 2018 themed call: ‘Promotion of good mental health and the prevention or treatment of mental ill health’ across the whole life course

  Created on Monday, 11 Dec 2017. Posted in News Items

NIHR is welcoming proposals for clinical and applied health research that evaluate healthcare interventions, health services, social care or public health measures operating at either the individual, or the population level. Issues of particular interest include proposals that utilise new digital health technologies or investigate their effects

The remit for this call includes conditions listed in the Health Research Classification System (HRCS) category ‘Mental Health’. Studies may include individuals with co-morbidities included in HRCS category ‘Neurological’, provided the main focus remains the mental health condition. 

Applications are encouraged that include geographic populations with high disease burden which have been historically under-served by NIHR research activity. Relevant information is available as a guide for applicants (2015 Compendium).

Applicants should justify the importance of their proposed research and identify how these support aspirations for research in mental health set out in the Five Year Forward View For Mental Health and the ‘Framework for Mental Health Research in the United Kingdom’ led by the Department of Health.

For more information please see the specification document.
Participating Programmes:

  • Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME)
  • Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR)
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Invention for Innovation (i4i)
  • Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR
  • Public Health Research programme (PHR)
  • Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
  • Research Professorships
  • Clinician Scientist

New mental health research framework announced

  Created on Monday, 11 Dec 2017. Posted in Mental Health

Transforming mental health research over the next ten years to improve the care people receive is the focus of new recommendations published by the Department of Health. The NIHR, alongside Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, the Economic and Social Research Council, MQ and the Alliance of Mental Health Research have funded the Framework for Mental Health Research, which sets out 10 recommendations to improve the impact of mental health research over the next decade. The framework - developed in collaboration with academics, clinicians, charities and people with mental health problems - has been published in response to a recommendation in the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health in 2016; representatives of the main funders will meet this month to discuss the recommendations.

A review of progress and contributions to innovation in healthcare technologies

  Created on Monday, 11 Dec 2017. Posted in Funding

The NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) programme supports the development of innovative medical technologies for patient benefit. Medical technology innovators apply for funding for one to three years through a peer review-based process that includes presentation to a selection panel. Since its inception the product development stream has identified and supported 170 projects, led by 146 principal investigators. RAND Europe evaluated the programme, with the aim of identifying its outputs and impacts and examining the factors influencing performance. The evaluation findings should help inform the future of the programme.

Digital Technology for Mental Health: Asking the right questions

  Created on Monday, 11 Dec 2017. Posted in Mental Health

MindTech are inviting the public to pick 10 top questions about using digital technology for mental health. This survey aims to prioritise areas for future research that people with lived experience of mental health problems think are most important. It aims to ensure that researchers and research funders focus on the questions important to service users.

The SHARED study: public co researchers in dementia research

  Created on Monday, 27 Nov 2017. Posted in Public Involvement | Co-production

Co-production is the new buzz word in research but many are unsure as to what it actually entails. Take a look at The SHARED study which is an example of how public co-researchers were involved in developing carer and patient-led recommendations for people with dementia or memory loss returning home from hospital. The article illuminates the experience of public and academic researchers in delivering this research together.

Pre-call announcement: ESRC-NIHR dementia research initiative 2018 – prevention, interventions and care delivery

  Created on Monday, 27 Nov 2017. Posted in News Items | Funding

In 2012, NIHR and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) collaborated to fund a £20 million social science dementia research initiative.  Building on the success of the first initiative, NIHR and ESRC will soon announce a new initiative, making up to £16.5 million available for social science research in dementia prevention, interventions and care delivery.

The intention of the initiative is to fund large grants which will be national or international focal points for social science research in dementia.  Applications are expected to be between £2 million and £5 million (100% full economic cost) for a duration of three to five years, and must start in January 2019.

It is expected that proposals will be invited in the following areas:

  • Prevention based on an understanding of socio-economic and environmental risk or protective factors and how best to effect changes in behaviour in order to lessen the risk of developing dementia.
  • Social interventions to slow cognitive decline and promote social inclusion, carer involvement, carer support and quality of life in dementia, underpinning cost effective care models tailored for the population in need.
  • Delivery of interventions looking across care settings, care givers and care providers to deliver the right set of care arrangements in the most appropriate place at the right time.

“Public engagement: a practical guide” from Sense about Science and NIHR

  Created on Monday, 27 Nov 2017. Posted in Guidance | Public Involvement

The new best practice guide is aimed at helping other researchers involve the public in communicating findings from the earliest stages of their projects and on the most challenging of subjects. It features a five-step process to present research information in a way that is shaped from the outset by people who will use it. The advice given ranges from initial scoping of the subject to planning and user-testing materials to present findings in a clear and accessible way.

New framework for UK health and social care research launched

  Created on Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017. Posted in Guidance

This policy framework sets out 19 principles of good practice in the management and conduct of health and social care research in the UK. 

These principles protect and promote the interests of patients, service users and the public in health and social care research, by describing ethical conduct and proportionate, assurance-based management of health and social care research, so as to support and facilitate high-quality research in the UK that has the confidence of patients, service users and the public.

Launch of prestigious fellowship schemes leading to Masters level opportunities

  Created on Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017. Posted in Funding

There will be two prestigious schemes open to senior NIHR postholders which will create up to 15 Masters level training opportunities. The Fellowships may appeal to those early in their postgraduate career, or people returning to the workplace after a career break.

  • The Research Methods Fellowships and Internships scheme aims to support the development of those with expertise in research methods including medical statistics, health economics, clinical trial design, operational research, and modelling.
  • The Systematic Reviews Fellowships scheme provides the necessary support and training to help individuals to contribute to systematic reviews relevant to the NIHR.

These awards will be advertised in Spring.


Update on payment for involvement in research - an agreed statement and INVOLVE's understanding of the changes to HMRC Inland Revenue IR35 regulations

  Created on Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017. Posted in Public Involvement

Changes to HMRC regulations on ‘contractors and intermediaries’ have led to some institutions processing payments for involvement in research through PAYE.  INVOLVE has discussed these changes with HMRC and the Dept of Health’s Tax Advisor, and produced an agreed statement along with INVOLVE’s understanding of how these regulations might relate to payment for involvement.