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Need to calculate a budget for patient involvement in research?

  Created on Monday, 10 Aug 2015. Posted in Public Involvement | Costing

The national NIHR patient and public advisory group INVOLVE have developed a new resource to help with budgeting for the costs of public involvement in research. The involvement cost calculator can be used for everything from putting together an involvement budget for an entire study to working out how much it will cost to run a one-off consultation event.

Industry Costing Templates released 2015/16

  Created on Monday, 22 Jun 2015. Posted in Industry | Costing | Toolkit/Database

Revised Industry Costing Templates to reflect the new financial year have been released on the CRN website, Commercial Costing pages. The changes to the template this year are minimal with all revisions detailed in the 'summary of annual revisions' document. All supporting information such as the user guide and step-by-step completion guides have been updated to reflect the revised version. Please use the latest version of the Industry Costing Template to cost any new studies.

Benefits Advice Service for involvement in research

  Created on Thursday, 29 Jan 2015. Posted in Public Involvement | Costing

New confidential service launched today 29 January 2015

  • a new service offering personal advice and support on how payment of fees and expenses for public involvement might affect people in receipt of state benefits
  • NIHR in partnership with others is offering a service that covers advice on payment of fees and expenses for public involvement in health or social care research, service design or service delivery
  • the service will be provided by Bedford Citizens Advice Bureau, initially as a pilot for one year.

Who is the Benefits Advice service for?

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is offering this confidential service to:

  • members of the public involved with NIHR organisations or NIHR funded research projects. Find out more
  • staff within NIHR organisations who are supporting members of the public to get involved. Find out more

INVOLVE is funding this service on behalf of, and for the NIHR. Other partners who are also part of the service are:

  • NHS England
  • Health Research Authority(HRA)
  • Involving People (Wales)
  • Social Care Institute for Excellence and Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP)

Association of Research Managers and Administrators: Supporting Research Proposals Videos

  Created on Thursday, 29 Jan 2015. Posted in Costing | Toolkit/Database

Supporting Research Proposals is the latest in the Online Training and Development Resources from ARMA. This video is a set of 4, which can be purchased a a complete pack.

  • Video 1: The Role of the Administrator
  • Video 2: Dealing with Costs
  • Video 3: Other costs (with a case study)
  • Video 4: Approval, Submissions and Peer Review

Video 2 and 3 deal with project costings and cover the following areas:

  • Full Economic Costing
  • Staff costs
  • Indirect Costs
  • Estates
  • Costing/pricing tools
  • How different funders pay for costs
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Other costs

To find out more watch this trailer or email Louise Machin.

Ring-fenced funds for public engagement within Wellcome Trust research grants

  Created on Tuesday, 09 Sep 2014. Posted in Public Involvement | Costing

The Wellcome Trust expects all of their major research groups to engage with the public about their work. To support this, they are providing ring-fenced funds for public engagement within the research grants. Researchers are invited to plan how to inform, consult and collaborate with the non-academic public over the lifetime of your research project and cost for this appropriately at the time of application or post-award.

Activities can take any form, such as blogs, exhibitions, games, drama, collaborations with schools or artists, and creating opportunities for the public to inform research. For more information, please read the guidance information.