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NIHR INCLUDE Ethnicity Framework

  Created on Thursday, 12 Nov 2020. Posted in EDI

the INCLUDE ethnicity framework which is a very comprehensive resource pack for helping researchers to identify which ethnic groups need to be represented in clinical trials and what the barriers to recruitment might be. The resource pack can be downloaded from 

COVID-19 and health inequalities – levelling up in our post-pandemic future

  Created on Thursday, 05 Nov 2020. Posted in EDI

This one-hour seminar explores how existing health inequalities and social determinants of health are interacting with COVID-19 to create a Syndemic Pandemic effect – where we are witnessing closely intertwined and mutually enhancing health and social determinants combining to exacerbate the impact of COVID-19. This could also deepen health inequalities even further in the long-term, if we don’t act now.

The seminar then goes on to discuss what health care systems can do to address our health and care inequalities and outcomes.

Equality, diversity and inclusion in Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

  Created on Tuesday, 12 May 2020. Posted in Public Involvement | EDI

As part of NIHR's commitment to actively and openly supporting and promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) they've produced new Standard Application Form (SAF) guidance that includes improved requirements to will strengthen EDI and patient, public involvement and engagement (PPIE).