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The Research Impact Handbook

  Created on Friday, 26 Jul 2019. Posted in Literature | Impact

Fast track the impact of your research with evidence-based tools you can use immediately. Second edition is ully updated and redesigned with over 100 pages of new material, packed full of practical tips, techniques, templates, case studies and personal stories that will inspire and equip you with the skills and confidence you need to make a difference.

Assessing the impact of healthcare research: A systematic review of methodological frameworks

  Created on Thursday, 09 May 2019. Posted in Impact

Increasingly, researchers need to demonstrate the impact of their research to their sponsors, funders, and fellow academics. However, the most appropriate way of measuring the impact of healthcare research is subject to debate. This review provides a collective summary of existing methodological frameworks for research impact, which funders may use to inform the measurement of research impact and researchers may use to inform study design decisions aimed at maximising the short-, medium-, and long-term impact of their research.

Fast Track Impact Magazine 1st issue

  Created on Monday, 13 Mar 2017. Posted in Impact | Dissemination

Packed full of useful advice, hints and tips, Fast Track Impact Magazine, the first issue of a free magazine for researchers who want to be more productive and achieve real-world impacts from their research, is available to read and download online.

Read the magazine to get all the latest news and research, become more productive and influential online, better understand and track your impacts, and learn new tips to enhance your impact.

This issue features the following highlights:

  • Online impact
    • Answer these 4 questions to using social media to drive research impact
    • How to actually save time in your working day by engaging with social media
    • How to become influential on Twitter the easy way
  • Enhance your impact
    • 5 things you need to get right if you want to successfully engage with the public and stakeholders for impact
    • Do your design skills undermine your credibility and impact?
    • Help!  My stakeholders aren’t interested in my research
    • 4 points to transform your next talk so you transform your audience
  • REF Tips
    • 3 reasons why you should care about the Research Excellence Framework (REF) if you’re not working in the UK
    • How to enhance the reach of your impact

Patients to get faster access to the most cost effective treatments under proposed changes to NICE's process

  Created on Thursday, 27 Oct 2016. Posted in Impact

The proposals are part of a joint consultation by NICE and NHS England that would see the introduction of a ‘fast track’ option for appraising technologies which offer exceptional value for money.

This would mean treatments that are likely to have a cost per QALY (quality adjusted life year) of up to £10,000 would be dealt with more quickly under a ‘lighter touch’ process

Health research impact toolkits and guides

  Created on Monday, 05 Sep 2016. Posted in Toolkit/Database | Impact

Research shows social media is beneficial for sharing and building upon patient experiences

  Created on Tuesday, 22 Mar 2016. Posted in Literature | Impact

Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms can be useful tools for helping patients with rare medical diseases exchange knowledge and build communities. 
Not only is patients’ knowledge valuable for peer support within patient communities, it has the potential to add to traditional medical knowledge, especially in cases where this is limited – such as in the case of rare diseases.

The study ‘Health Activism and the Logic of Connective Action. A Case Study of Rare Disease Patient Organisations’, was supported by the Wellcome Trust and published in the journal Information, Communication and Society.

Charity funded research is influential and often attracts follow-on funding!

  Created on Monday, 28 Sep 2015. Posted in Funding | Impact

Charities are committed to saving and improving lives through research, and over the last seven years have invested more than £8bn.

Data shows that charities are derisking research: charity-funded projects attract follow-on funding from other charities, government, private and academic funding sources, and attract inward investment from outside the UK.

Charity-funded research also has impact, with over 300 influences on policy and practice reported in the period 2012-14; charity funded research is cited in guidance; people funded by charities provide expert advice to government; and research findings are used to develop new practices.

Research-active trusts have better patient outcomes

  Created on Monday, 23 Mar 2015. Posted in Impact

The study found that “Research-active Trusts had lower risk-adjusted mortality for acute admissions”. These results were still evident after factors such as the size of the Trust and staffing levels had been taken into consideration.