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New mental health research framework announced

  Created on Monday, 11 Dec 2017. Posted in Mental Health

Transforming mental health research over the next ten years to improve the care people receive is the focus of new recommendations published by the Department of Health. The NIHR, alongside Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, the Economic and Social Research Council, MQ and the Alliance of Mental Health Research have funded the Framework for Mental Health Research, which sets out 10 recommendations to improve the impact of mental health research over the next decade. The framework - developed in collaboration with academics, clinicians, charities and people with mental health problems - has been published in response to a recommendation in the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health in 2016; representatives of the main funders will meet this month to discuss the recommendations.

Digital Technology for Mental Health: Asking the right questions

  Created on Monday, 11 Dec 2017. Posted in Mental Health

MindTech are inviting the public to pick 10 top questions about using digital technology for mental health. This survey aims to prioritise areas for future research that people with lived experience of mental health problems think are most important. It aims to ensure that researchers and research funders focus on the questions important to service users.

The NIHR mental health Challenge

  Created on Monday, 30 Jan 2017. Posted in Mental Health

The NIHR is taking the opportunity during the opening of the i4i 2017 Challenge Award in mental health to highlight some key NIHR projects that are already leading the way in this field through the use of technology, providing new and innovative treatment options for people affected by mental illness.

  • adding projects to the NIHR campaigns page
  • follow the hashtag #NIHRChallenge

Spotlight on children and young people’s mental health research

  Created on Monday, 15 Feb 2016. Posted in Young People | Mental Health

In support of Children’s Mental Health Week, NIHR have created a resource for children and young people to learn about mental health research and why it’s so important. The new resource talks about NHS research and how children and young people can get involved and how their personal experience makes a difference.

Mental Health Matters

  Created on Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015. Posted in News Items | Mental Health

To support World Mental Health Day the NIHR have created a campaign page which holds a summary of NIHR Mental health research and blogs by leading experts. New blogs will be published each week and the site provides opportunities for the public to post research ideas.