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THIS Institute report explores how NHS staff can get involved in research

  Created on Thursday, 07 Feb 2019. Posted in News Items

The report looks at why and how NHS staff get involved in research, the impact they have when they do get involved, and what it could all mean for the future of research. It also details some of the barriers that prevent NHS staff from engaging with research, and the mechanisms that enable them to get involved.

MHRA Guidance on the Regulation of Medicines, Medical Devices and Clinical Trials in 'No-Deal Brexit' Scenario

  Created on Tuesday, 08 Jan 2019. Posted in News Items

MHRA Guidance on the Regulation of Medicines, Medical Devices and Clinical Trials in 'No-Deal Brexit' Scenario

Interview with Leicester researcher Damian Roland: Fellowship to RfPB award

  Created on Monday, 05 Nov 2018. Posted in News Items

Damian Roland Interview with Dr Damian Roland, Consultant and Honorary Associate Professor in paediatric emergency medicine. He was awarded an NIHR fellowship in 2010 and successfully applied for RfPB programme funding in 2015. He has shared his advice on how an RfPB award as an early career researcher can be a stepping stone to a research career.

Video: What could a research study of the future look like?

  Created on Friday, 28 Sep 2018. Posted in News Items

A digital future for health research isn't far away. This month Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, closed NHS Expo with his vision of a more tech-driven NHS, harnessing the power of peoples’ innovation and using the NHS and the ground-breaking research that happens in the UK to build an ecosystem of the best healthtech in the world. The NIHR have created a video – ‘Study of the future’ – giving information on how digital technology could change healthcare research in the future.

Scheme to improve truck drivers' health shortlisted for innovation award

  Created on Monday, 24 Sep 2018. Posted in News Items

NIHR-funded researchers who developed a programme to help truck drivers lead healthier lives have been shortlisted for an NHS innovation award.

The researchers from Loughborough University, the University of Leicester and Leicester’s Hospitals are in the running for a Medipex NHS Innovation Award for their Structured Health Intervention For Truckers (SHIFT) initiative.
Long distance lorry drivers are exposed to a multitude of health risks associated with their jobs, including long and variable working hours and long periods of sitting. Tight schedules and being on the road can contribute to psychological stress and sleep deprivation. The design of this project was supported by RDS EM.

Current and future state of nation’s health revealed

  Created on Tuesday, 11 Sep 2018. Posted in News Items

Public Health England has published a new Health Profile for England report giving the most comprehensive picture of the health of England today and into the future.

The Health Profile for England report covers life expectancy; major causes of death; mortality trends; child health; inequality in health; wider determinants of health; and current health protection issues. Data and evidence contained in Health Profile for England will be used to help shape the forthcoming NHS long term plan.

As a society, people are living longer – life expectancy in England has reached 79.6 years for men and 83.2 for women and we’re healthier at every age group than ever before. However, stubborn inequalities persist – in the richest areas people enjoy 19 more years in good health than those in the poorest areas.

A major theme of the Health Profile for England report is future trends in health, which will aid policymakers to prioritise efforts to prevent ill health not just deal with the consequences.

NIHR supports staff in promoting research across the NHS

  Created on Monday, 25 Jun 2018. Posted in News Items | Toolkit/Database

The NIHR has announced the launch of a new package of resources aimed at supporting existing NIHR staff to encourage non-research clinical and care staff, to be more aware of research taking place and support more patients to get involved in research opportunities.

The package includes case studies which explore initiatives that have successfully engaged staff and patients in research and a toolkit which provides resources and materials to help engage a range of colleagues in health research

The Researcher - Spring 2018 edition all about building research communities

  Created on Thursday, 03 May 2018. Posted in News Items

BestEvidence - new free web-based mobile app

  Created on Monday, 16 Apr 2018. Posted in News Items

BestEvidence is free web-based mobile app that facilitates real-time searching (at the point of patient care) for the best available research evidence to inform health care decisions. 

BestEvidence can be accessed via the browser on you smartphone or tablet at  (To add the BestEvidence icon to your phone just select “Add to home screen” from the browser menu.)  

New NIHR Highlight on how commissioners use research evidence

  Created on Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018. Posted in News Items

Researchers want their work to be used and useful, but may not always understand the context in which decisions are made. Most health and care organisations aim to base decisions on the best available evidence, but accessing and interpreting the right evidence at the right time is hard. Researchers need to do what they can to make their research as useful as possible to those making decisions under pressure.

The NIHR has funded six particular studies in the past five years on the use of evidence by commissioners. This research highlight includes studies into the behaviour of individual managers and the way in which commissioning organisations make sense of and use research information when making decisions.