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NIHR develops interactive learning package to support embedding research in the NHS

  Created on Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020. Posted in Toolkit/Database

A new package of interactive learning resources is now available to support research delivery professionals in promoting research to colleagues across the NHS. These resources have been developed to support and inspire research delivery staff in their pledge to embed research in innovative ways across their organisation.

The ‘Engaging with your local NHS’ package sits on NIHR Learn, the NIHR online Learning Management platform, used to deliver its accredited learning programmes. You can access NIHR Learn if you are employed by the NIHR, NHS, a UK university or other publicly funded organisation conducting and supporting clinical research. If your email address ends in one of these pre-approved domains you can self-register for the system. If you do not have an email address from a pre-approved domain your application will be considered for approval.

Participatory data gathering with Ketso

  Created on Monday, 03 Feb 2020. Posted in Toolkit/Database

This online toolkit looks at when and how in the research process participatory data gathering can be used, and explores key issues to consider when designing your research. Participatory data gathering can be a mutual learning experience, increasing the value to participants, as well as generating rich data. As well as core principles, the video introduces Ketso, a hands-on and visual toolkit, which makes participatory data gathering easier.

NIHR researchers develop new way to measure multimorbidity

  Created on Monday, 03 Feb 2020. Posted in Toolkit/Database

The new Cambridge Multimorbidity Score is a transparent, simple measure of multimorbidity that can predict different outcomes in people with multiple conditions. The score which includes 20 conditions could help people planning clinical services or allocating healthcare resources to respond to the needs of patients with multiple health conditions.

King's Fund dementia friendly environmental assessment tools

  Created on Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020. Posted in Dementia | Toolkit/Database

The King's Fund dementia friendly environmental assessment tools for wards, hospitals, care homes, housing and health centres were launched in 2014 and are now hosted by the Association for Dementia Studies. They are widely in use both nationally and internationally and are freely available to download.

Healthwatch reporting tool allows professionals to search patient experience reports

  Created on Monday, 16 Dec 2019. Posted in Public Involvement | Toolkit/Database

The reports library tool aims to help researchers search thousands of reports produced by local Healthwatch. Curently the tool holds 2,391 Healthwatch publications about health and care services, made up of over 420,000 views

What kind of information can you expect to find?

  • Across the country, Healthwatch speak to people about their experiences of services, and how care could be improved. 
  • From mental health, to care homes, to people's experiences of leaving hospital, a whole host of subjects are covered in the reports library.
  • There's a local Healthwatch in every area of the country and each one focuses on the issues that matter most to the people in their communities.
  • You can also sign up to news alerts for new additions to the tool in your area

The Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT)

  Created on Wednesday, 09 Oct 2019. Posted in Social Care | Toolkit/Database

The Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) is a novel method for determining the impact of services. ASCOT tools measure the domains of quality of life more affected by social care - key outcome is social care-related quality of life (SCRQoL).

In order to use ASCOT tools you have to register and obtain a licence.

Essence Toolkit

  Created on Wednesday, 09 Oct 2019. Posted in Toolkit/Database | Social Care

The toolkit aims to help those planning and shaping services and treatments for adult people with social care needs and their carers make informed decisions about which services and treatments to provide and how much they cost.

‚ÄčThe toolkit is available and a collection of case studies looking at intervention, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and the nature of evidence

Diagram showing overlap of social care with other services

New health services research toolkit launches

  Created on Friday, 05 Jul 2019. Posted in Toolkit/Database

The NIHR has launched a new toolkit for researchers, to help them deliver the high quality health services research that the NHS needs.
The Health Services Research Toolkit is a national resource which brings together ideas, guidance and support in one place.

Health Economic Evidence Resource

  Created on Friday, 05 Apr 2019. Posted in Toolkit/Database | Health Economics

The health economic evidence resource (HEER) tool shows the main cost-effectiveness and return on investment evidence on activities in the public health grant.

Each piece of evidence is summarised across over 20 criteria to provide details on how the results were created and to highlight the inputs and assumptions used in the original studies. This allows users to understand the relevance and apply the evidence to their local setting.

PPI Learning for Involvement - launch of a new website

  Created on Monday, 11 Feb 2019. Posted in Public Involvement | Toolkit/Database

The Learning for Involvement website offers a range of functions:

  • search for learning resources - guidance, reports, toolkits, books, websites, videos, blogs, MOOCs, etc
  • recommend resources that you have found useful - add them to the site so that others can benefit
  • search training sessions - see what's coming up in your area, or get inspiration about what training you might want to offer
  • add information about training sessions that you are arranging - let people know what you doing and inspire them to do something similar (or invite others to attend)
  • find information about training providers - experienced trainers who can help deliver training sessions on public involvement or associated areas.