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Young people's mental health and wellbeing research report

  Created on Monday, 10 Feb 2020. Posted in Literature | Mental Health | Young People

Over the past three years, Healthwatch England has heard from over 20,000 young people about their experiences of mental health support. To gain a deeper understanding of this issues, they brought together 47 young people, aged 16-25, to talk about what affects their mental health, their current experiences of care, and what services can do to better support them. The key findings are below but the full report is online.

What do young people want their mental health support to look like?

  1. Better education and communication, such as mental health awareness days in school and regular mental health check-ups every six months.
  2. More options for treatment and personalised care, such as more flexible appointment times and access to different types of therapies.

  3. Opportunities for peer support with others who have a mental health condition. 

Report on evaluating the extent and impact of young people’s involvement in research

  Created on Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017. Posted in Public Involvement | Young People

This project was commissioned by the James Lind Initiative to look at young people’s involvement in the design and delivery of NIHR studies. The report makes recommendations on how NIHR could find out more about who is involved in research and how, as well as what difference this involvement makes to research and to the young people involved.

Spotlight on children and young people’s mental health research

  Created on Monday, 15 Feb 2016. Posted in Young People | Mental Health

In support of Children’s Mental Health Week, NIHR have created a resource for children and young people to learn about mental health research and why it’s so important. The new resource talks about NHS research and how children and young people can get involved and how their personal experience makes a difference.

Involving children and young people in research – top tips and key issues

  Created on Monday, 01 Feb 2016. Posted in Young People

INVOLVE has added two new resources to their collection on involving children and young people in research

NIHR CLAHRC Community e-Newsletter

  Created on Monday, 18 Jan 2016. Posted in News Items | Young People

This newsletter looks at the work NIHR CLAHRCs are doing in the area of early years, children and young people. 

Highlights from the East Midlands:

  • Improving ADHA diagnosis for children and young people
  • Novel ways of supporting mental well-bing of young people
  • School-based programme to reduce sedentary time

Involving children in clinical research: GenerationR grows up

  Created on Wednesday, 25 Nov 2015. Posted in Young People

September 2013 witnessed a milestone moment in the involvement of children and young people in clinical research across the UK: for the first time, young people, parents, researchers, and practitioners gathered at a national event to discuss how children and young people can be meaningfully involved in clinical research. 

In this blog, Kate Harvey from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics reflects on two years of progress in involving children in the design and delivery of medical research.

Generation R - Young people improving research

  Created on Tuesday, 30 Jun 2015. Posted in Public Involvement | Young People

Generation R is a National Young Persons’ Advisory Group funded by the NIHR that supports the design and delivery of paediatric research in the UK.

YPAG now consists of five regional groups based in Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Bristol and Nottingham, plus one topic-focused group looking at Mental Health based in London.

They are all made up of 10-15 members who are aged between 8-19. The groups meet every six weeks either at weekends, in the evenings, or during school holidays and come together for a national meeting once a year. Their views feed into the design and delivery of research in children.