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NIHR promoting theme of research activity following patient need!

  Created on Monday, 18 Mar 2019. Posted in Funding

There is often a mismatch between research activity and the burden of disease which needs to be addressed. The new NIHR theme promoting research activity following patient need hope to tackle this.

Recruiting in needs areas makes sense for a number of reasons

  • ethical: everyone should have the opportunity to engage with research
  • practical: centres naive to research may take some effort to start up but once off the ground they are good recruiters for both current and future studies. Going into these areas also provides the opportunity to engage with new NHS workers and get them involved in shaping the research agendas
  • scientific: the more representative the study population is the more valid the findings will be for the whole of the UK
  • health benefits: it is well known that centres engaging in research have improved health outcomes for their patients

Commissioned briefs from NIHR will now contain hints where they would like researchers to include research naive areas within their study. Maps will be provided indicating disease burden alongside current recruitment to allow researchers to identify where they might engage with new partners.