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Patient Led Research Hub – a New Initiative to Foster Patient Led Research

  Created on Monday, 21 Nov 2016. Posted in Public Involvement

Patients can bring crucial insight into research priorities for disease and lifestyle needs. A new initiative launched by the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit in May 2015 ensures patients are involved from the outset. The Patient Led Research Hub (PLRH) provides the expertise and infrastructure to support research projects emerging directly from, and proposed by, patients or patient organisations, improving research relevance and credibility.

The activities of the PLRH are supported by trialists, statisticians, a health economist and administrative staff. As research ideas are received, an initial feasibility assessment is conducted within the PLRH. Proposers are invited to discuss their idea in person and, where feasible, a management group including the proposers initiate study design and external funding applications. The PLRH is largely focused on clinical trials, although all projects are considered.

PLRH welcomes all queries and research ideas