Research Design Service: East Midlands

Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR)

Aim: To provide evidence to improve health outcomes, through:

  • promotion of health
  • prevention of ill health
  • optimal disease management.

Funding: Funding is not fixed (the average award is £2.5 million). Funding amount and duration depend on the scale and nature of the proposed research.

Process: Two-stage process. Applicants are given the opportunity to respond to peer reviewers' comments in stage 2 before the main selection panel makes its final funding recommendations. The whole process takes about 10 months.

Criteria: Applications will be judged on the following: looking for more creative, inovative projects that address future health challenges

  • track-record of applicants (breadth and depth of expertise on the team (multidisciplinary), suitability of lead applicant)
  • relevance of the proposed research to priorities and needs of the NHS
  • likelihood of significant benefit to NHS and patients within 3-5 years of the end of the funding period
  • quality of the proposal (realistic timeframe; appropriate, valid, robust and feasible methods)
  • value for money.

Deadlines: Programme Grants for Applied Research 3 researcher-led calls per year (January, April, November)