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PGfAR update on changes to the scheme

  Created on Monday, 04 Jul 2016. Posted in Funding

In his second Director's message Paul Little has announced work to develop a 'light touch process'. This process would mean that anyone thinking of applying to Stage 1 would have the option of sending the Director a datailed but reasonably brief two page draft of their idea for comment/guidance before applying further.

It is hoped that this process would help applicants navigate the scheme more easily and ensure that common issues raised at Stage 2 could be rectified early on, such as:

  • ensuring there is a logic model highlighting the pathway to patient benefit
  • ensuring that where complex interventions are proposed that there is evidence on extensive development and iteration to show the intervention is working and planned sufficiently before going to trial

The full message additionally provides an update on the impact of key changes already made to the programme and describes the types and range of research that are welcomed by the programme.