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Prevention and treatment of obesity call

  Wednesday, 06 Apr 2016

This call is an initiative by the NIHR in recognition of the need for further research-based evidence to underpin the prevention and management of overweight and obesity in adults and children. For more information on the call visit the prevention and treatment of obesity website

Issues of particular importance for this call include the prevention of type 2 diabetes and increasing levels of physical activity.

We welcome applications for new primary research studies and also research that synthesises evidence to:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of new, promising or existing interventions
  • support the translation of effective interventions into practice
  • improve adherence to individual, family or group health behaviour interventions or treatments
  • investigate the durability of effect, or undertake longer term follow up of pre-existing research for existing interventions.

High quality applications proposing the use of novel and efficient study designs are encouraged, as are proposals that:

  • will make use of pre-existing data sets
  • investigate through models the impact of effective interventions on patients, the NHS or wider population.

Participating programmes are: