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Process evaluation – HTA tips from the funding committees

  Created on Thursday, 13 Aug 2020. Posted in Funding

Make sure the case of need and cost is described clearly, and the process evaluation activities are well integrated into the main study and not confused with other qualitative or recruitment optimisation activities

  • Needs to be well justified – usually process evaluation is seen in complex interventions to help explain why a treatment works or doesn’t work, for whom and in what context. But it’s not required unless it is justified which maybe more the case for new interventions or new care pathways
  • Take care how you describe it – too much detail will suggest that you are preparing for failure
  • Needs to be clearly differentiated from other qualitative elements of the study
  • Needs to be fit for purpose – you need to justify complexity and cost (remember HTA are aiming for rapid, simple and efficient trials)
  • Remember although implementation is normally considered within a process evaluation, planning and undertaking implementation work beyond the main trial findings is out of remit for HTA
  • Must be clearly integrated into the overall study – must clearly relate to key decisions and interpretation of the data

If the above criteria are met then take a look at the MRC guidance on how to design and conduct process evaluation