Research Design Service: East Midlands

Policy Research Programme (PRP)

Aim: To provide the evidence base for policy development on public health and social care issues.

Funding: The programme primarily funds:

  • long-term programmes of research in academic Policy Research Units (PRUs)
  • large-scale programmes of interlinked studies on key policy initiatives
  • single projects and literature or scoping reviews.

Process: Usually a two-stage process, but where commissioning is urgent there is a one-stage process. The process takes 8 months (4-5 for one-stage bids).

Criteria: Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • relevance of the proposed research
  • quality of research design and work plan
  • quality of proposed management arrangements
  • strength of the research team
  • impact of the proposed work
  • value for money
  • involvement of the public.

Website: PRP