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PRP Call

  Tuesday, 01 Mar 2016

  • Creating dementia friendly communities - a policy evaluation

The Department of Health invites outline proposals for a single research project to inform decisions about the future policy direction for dementia friendly communities, following the implementation of the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020. The key policy questions the research will need to answer concern the factors which make a community dementia friendly and the different types of benefits of dementia friendly communities.

  • Supporting a culture of openness in the NHS - a policy evaluation

DH is looking for a single research project on supporting a culture of openness in the NHS, on creating a culture of prioritising care, improving openness, detecting poor care and ensuring clear accountability.  DH want research that can contribute to an understanding as to whether and how the culture of the NHS has become more open and transparent as a result of the Government’s response to the Francis recommendations, and whether this has affected the quality of care.

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