public contributors discussing applications

Public Involvement

Research Design Service East Midlands provides advice and support to ensure patients, service users, carers, and the public are fully involved in research development, design and delivery and dissemination. Public involvement is an important element of all research and can substantially strengthen projects.

Public involvement support

Our Public Involvement Lead and our Public Contributors give tailored advice on funder expectations and good practice in public involvement. To support the early development of research, we can offer small awards to support service user engagement where it will contribute to the development of a funding application (maximum £300 for a project application or £150 for a fellowship application).

Public contributor group

RDS East Midlands is supported by a diverse group of Public Contributors. They are involved with project support, events, practice interviews, application review and our governance structures. Our Public Contributors bring important experience and knowledge to our work and ensure we link effectively to the communities we serve.

RDS East Midlands’ public involvement workplan sets out how we support and develop public involvement and engagement in the East Midlands.