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RDSEM Funding Application Workshop

  Thursday, 13 Jun 2019 | Events/Workshops

Date: 13 June , 10am - 4:00pm
Venue: Vaughan Parry Williams Pavilion, Nottingham (Free parking available. The venue is also reachable via tram and bus routes)
Booking: Event is free, book yourself a place Please bring a laptop with you.

Refreshments and lunch provided (please specify any food preferences on the booking form)

This day-long workshop is intended for clinicians, allied health professionals, academics & researchers who are currently making (or considering) a research funding application to the NIHR. Participants will gain most from this workshop if they have an active idea for research which they can bring to the workshop. (Subsequent workshops will provide advice and support for those considering NIHR fellowship applications).

The workshop will take the NIHR standard application form as its starting point and will focus upon how to enhance competitiveness by completing it more effectively. Key sections and features of the form will be introduced. A distinction will be made between i) constructing your case for funding, and ii) communicating your case for funding. Insight will be offered in each of these areas about what the NIHR is looking for, and how to present in a fashion which is ‘funding-panel friendly’.

The workshop will include formal presentations, structured discussion, and participant activities.