Research Design Service: East Midlands


RDS EM Public Involvement Strategy (2016)

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RDS EM PI Strategy_09062016.docx

Modified: 09 Jun 2016
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NIHR funding opportunities for research and career development booklet (2015)

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Official guide to funding and training provided by the NIHR.


Modified: 01 Sep 2015
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Patient Involvement handbook for researchers (2014)

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Handbook created by the RDS to help researchers plan and manage their public involvement activities.

RDS_PPI Handbook_2014_v6 FINAL.pdf

Modified: 21 Jul 2015
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RDS Project Review Guide (2013)

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Criteria and activities to aid reviewing of research bids.


Modified: 21 Jul 2015
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RDS General Leaflet

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Outlines the RDS service.

RDS_A5_Leaflet FINAL.pdf

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Budgeting for involvment (June 2013)

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Practical advice on budgeting for actively involving the public in research studies


Modified: 07 Oct 2015
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User groups and charities across the East Midlands and wider (Aug 2015)

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List with contact infromation of health and social care user groups and charities across the East Midlands


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