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Speeding up the delivery of health research evidence

  Created on Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017. Posted in Dissemination

NIHR is keen to get the results from research out as soon as it can, yet publications often take months to appear in journals. In order to speed up the process, the NIHR Journals Library now publishes First Look Summaries. These summaries are released four to six months ahead of full publication after a full editorial and peer review process has taken place.

Although fully reviewed, First Look Summaries have not been copy-edited or proof read and may undergo some minor changes during the publication process. Not all projects will have a first look summary as this is the choice of the Chief Investigator of the study.

So far PHR and HS&DR have released some First Look Summaries - unforturnately they are hard to find on the site and you need to click into a project to discover if such a summary is available. Hopefully the Library will improve this provision and make it more visible to users!!

The PHR Programme has released four first look summaries to date: