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Strong public support for Health Research

  Created on Monday, 23 Mar 2015. Posted in News Items

A survey of more than 1000 members of the public, commissioned by the HRA (Health Research Authority), showed that 97% of the public think health research is important and 74% think every patient should be offered the opportunity to participate in research.

These findings were backed up by other measures of public confidence and interest in health research; 65% were willing to participate in research themselves and 89% felt they would be treated with dignity and respect.

There was also a rise in public confidence in the benefits of the ethical review of health research, with confidence in studies reviewed by a Research Ethics Committee (REC) reaching 82%.

Researchers advocated public involvement, with 82% seeing it as important in their work. They also believed that the registration of clinical trials (76%) and the publication of research summaries (73%) will both have an impact on public confidence in health research.