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The NIHR 2017 Theme is complex health and care needs in older people

  Created on Monday, 10 Jul 2017. Posted in Priorities

Treatments associated with these conditions account for 70% of NHS expenditure. The aging population and the increase in the numbers of patients with more complex heath needs pose a growing challenge to society and the NHS. Although there is a strong clinical evidence base for the management of individual diseases, there is very little evidence relating to the risks associated with multimorbidity, polypharmacy or the issues of most importance to patients

The NIHR welcomes all relevant applications, and particularly those addressing the key themes identified at the stakeholder workshop:

  • Frailty,
  • Transitions in care, service delivery and models of care,
  • Medicines management/polypharmacy,
  • Promoting healthy ageing/preventing ill health,
  • Patient-centred decision making.

For more information, including opening dates for different programmes, please see the highlight notice.