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Writing an effective questionnaire

  Created on Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018. Posted in Guidance

Writing a good questionnaire is harder than it seems, which is why this guide from NHS England is a welcome new addition to their "Bite-Size" series.

Some of the advice may seem basic - for example "avoid using jargon".  But as it progresses, the guide takes us into more interesting territory, covering "cognitive testing", "gratitude bias" and "bipolar" versus "unipolar" scales.  That may sound as though the authors ignored their own advice to avoid using jargon.  But the terms are explained well, within a publication that - as with all Bite Size guides - is clear and concise.

If you need a questionnaire that patients can make sense of, and which will return a set of results that you can make sense of, this is the document to have ready to hand.